Each year, LinkPad Design reaches over 100, 000+ entrepreneurs as well as powerful decision makers in companies and government organizations via its website, blog, social media sites, email, training workshops, and events. We use various platforms for reaching your target market: Web, content marketing, and direct mail, with segmentation possible to optimize your ad placement. If you want your brand message to reach the right audience at lowest marketing cost, drop us an email below More information: adverts@linkpadesing.com

LinkPad Design, with its partner consultants run community based ‘Business Startup Workshops’ as well as Marketing Workshops for corporate organizations. Business Startup Workshop is tailored for individuals who intend to master the skills and resources need to build a successful business in 21st century. It is a community based program that corporate organizations or provincial and district level leaders can link up with us to run the program for constituents. We tech very practical skills from how to turn a business idea into an actual business using very low cost tools and proven strategies. The Marketing Course is tailored for corporate organizations. If you need to spark up your marketing campaign in order your boost your brand awareness and ultimately the sales revenue, then we are the right people to help you turn your game around.

We also allow trained and certified experts in any field of business: Accounting, tax, general investment, real estate, stock market, sales and market, and other related areas to run trainings using our resources. We will do all marketing for you, organize all registrations and venue for you and you come deliver. To be LinkPad trainer, email workshops@linkpaddesign.com

Are you ready to turn your business idea into actual
business now?

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